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Civil Rights News | Nov. 27, 2023

DEOCS Assessment Tool Transfers Offices

Civil Rights Directorate

The Defense Organization Climate Survey (DEOCS), a congressionally mandated unit-level workplace assessment that collects information on unit climate, harassment and discrimination, diversity and inclusion, and other aspects of organizational culture, is transferring from the Civil Rights Directorate to the Deputy Commandant for Mission Support, Executive Director for Personnel Readiness (DCMS-DPRXD). The transfer will improve alignment between all aspects of survey administration and the Coast Guard’s Office of Integrated Primary Prevention (OPP). The OPP’s mission is to collaborate with leaders to build healthy climates and create environments free from abuse and harm. ALCOAST 464-23 directs all Coast Guard units, directorates, and offices with at least 16 members to complete a DEOCS by January 31st, 2024. Units that have initiated a DEOCS after August 1st, 2023, and completed or expect completion of the survey before January 31st, 2024, do not need to initiate a new survey. Completing the DEOCS further strengthens the Coast Guard’s commitment to preventing and responding to sexual assault and harassment and other negative behaviors. The survey results inform leadership and enhance capabilities to identify areas of concern and other problematic behaviors throughout the service which will foster healthier command climates, and lead to enhanced mission readiness. More information about the DEOCS can be found on the “Assessment to Solutions” portal.