Rear Admiral Peter J. Brown

Seventh District Commander (D7)

U.S. Coast Guard


Rear Admiral Brown serves as Commander of the Seventh Coast Guard District headquartered in Miami, Florida. As District Commander, he is responsible for all Coast Guard operations in the Southeast United States and the Caribbean Basin, including Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The Seventh District encompasses an area of 1.8 million square miles and shares operational borders with 34 Foreign Nations and Territories.

Promoted to flag rank in 2013, Rear Admiral Brown previously served as Assistant Commandant for Response Policy at U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters. Rear Admiral Brown oversaw the development of strategic response doctrine and policy guidance for all Coast Guard forces. These policies encompass seven of the eleven operational maritime missions in the areas of law enforcement, search and rescue, counterterrorism and defense operations, oil spill response, incident management and preparedness, and contingency exercise programs.

Originally from Somers, NY, Rear Admiral Brown is a 1985 graduate of the U. S. Coast Guard Academy with a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry. His Coast Guard career has primarily focused on sea duty and tactical law enforcement, with 4 afloat and 3 TACLET/LEDET tours of duty, including command of TACLET South in Miami Florida, from 2000 to 2002 and USCGC BOUTWELL (WHEC 719) Alameda, CA from 2006 to 2008. Under his command, BOUTWELL interdicted 5 drug trafficking vessels which were transporting over 13 metric tons of cocaine, a migrant smuggling vessel with 128 undocumented migrants aboard, and 6 foreign fishing vessels that were using internationally banned High Seas Drift Nets. Ashore, he has served as the Chief of Response for the Seventh Coast Guard District, with responsibility for search and rescue, maritime law enforcement, and international operations, including disaster relief, in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and throughout the Caribbean; as well as Chief of Staff for Coast Guard Atlantic Area, headquartered in Portsmouth, VA.

Rear Admiral Brown earned a Master’s degree in chemistry at the University of Miami in 1991 and taught chemistry at the Coast Guard Academy from 1991-95. While teaching, he worked with the Coast Guard’s Research and Development Center in the testing of emerging drug detection technologies, paving the way for the deployment of advanced analytical chemical instruments at sea for law enforcement. During the same period, he also earned a law degree from the University of Connecticut. He and his wife, Jenny, have two children, C.J. and Angela.

Rear Admiral Brown’s personal awards include three Legion of Merit, five Meritorious Service Medals, two Commendation Medals, three Achievement Medals, and numerous unit and team awards.