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Coast Guard Assets

Explore the aircraft, cutters and boats used by the Coast Guard to conduct various missions throughout the world.

Asset | April 26, 2019

45-foot response boat-medium


Length: 44 feet 9 inches
Speed:40 knots and cruises at 30 knots
Engines: Twin MTU Detroit Diesel Series 60
Maximum seas: 10 feet
Maximum winds: 30 knots
Maximum speed: 40 knots
Maximum towing capacity: 100 displacement tons
Operation in ice: Light surface ice and slush at idle speed
The 45-foot response boat-medium is a multi-mission capable boat, operable from shore stations. The RB-M can respond rapidly to Coast Guard missions or conduct planned patrols and training. It's missions are search and rescue, living marine resources, recreational boating safety, enforcement of laws and treaties and port, waterways, and coastal security.

The 45-foot response boat-medium is being procured to replace the 41-foot utility boat. Unlike the 41-foot utility boat, the RB-M has the ability to self-right if it should ever capsize. This feature allows the RB-M to operate in higher seas, ensuring the crew comes home safely The RB-M is an all-aluminum boat that has a wireless crew communication system and is powered by twin diesel engines and water jet propulsion..