Asset | April 24, 2019

270-foot Famous Class


Length: 270 feet
Beam: 38 feet
Range: 3,800 nautical miles at 19.5 knots
Armament: One Mk 75 76 mm gun, two .50-caliber machine guns, two SRBOC launchers
Famous-class cutters are the most modern and advanced medium endurance cutters, with modern weapons and sensor suite.

The famous-class cutters is responsible for a variety of Coast Guard missions including: search and rescue, enforcement of laws and treaties, maritime defense and protection of the environment. The versatility of the cutter makes it a cost effective platform in carrying out national objectives. They have long been equipped with a Command, Display, and Control (COMDAC) computerized ship control system that was significantly updated in the 1990s and makes these ships effective with smaller crews.