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Coast Guard Assets

Explore the aircraft, cutters and boats used by the Coast Guard to conduct various missions throughout the world.

Asset | April 24, 2019

MH-60 medium range recovery helicopter


Length: 64 feet 10 inches
Rotor Diameter: 53 feet 8 inches
Height: 17 feet
Speed: 70 knots
Range: 700 nautical miles
Endurance: 6.5 hours
The MH-60 medium range recovery helicopter that is capable of variety of missions that can fly in all-weather conditions.

The MH-60 medium range recovery helicopter began to operate in the 1990s as a replacement to the now-retired HH-3F Pelican. The helicopter employs full night-vision-device capability. It's primary tactical navigation is accomplished through blended GPS and inertial navigation system receivers.