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Public Service Awards                      

Distinguished Public Service Award Medal and CertificateThe Coast Guard maintains several Public Service Awards to recognize private citizens, groups, or organizations for helping the Coast Guard carry out its missions. These awards include:

Coast Guard Distinguished Public Service Award.
Aside from the Gold and Silver Life-Saving Medals, this is the highest public recognition that the Commandant of the Coast Guard may award. Distinguished Public Service Awards are given to recognize:

Coast Guard Meritorious Public Service Award.  The second-highest Public Service Award is given to recognize: 

Coast Guard Public Service Commendation. This award is intended primarily to recognize personal and beneficial contributions to the Coast Guard's responsibilities. Recipients are recognized for: 

Coast Guard Certificate of Merit. This award recognizes significant endeavors such as: 

Coast Guard Certificate of Appreciation. These certificates are presented to individuals or groups who have exhibited public-spirited efforts that benefit Coast Guard personnel or missions.  

Any Coast Guard member can nominate an individual or organization for a public service award through his or her chain of command.  Awards are given to individuals or organizations not directly affiliated with the Coast Guard.  For more information on nominations and eligibility, contact MaryAnn Bader.


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Last Modified 1/12/2016