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Office of Auxiliary CG-BSX-1
Marine Safety and Environmental Protection
Resources Available on the Web

The following is a listing of some of the information on the World Wide Web (Internet) that pertains to this program.

Memorandums of Understanding (MOU)

MOU for Employment of the USCG Auxiliary in Support of the MS&EP Missions in the 7th USCG District AOR

National and District Websites

Marine Safety Programs

The Commandant has authorized USCG Auxiliarists to wear the Marine Safety Qualification Insignia. See the Marine Safety Insignia Page for more information.

A PowerPoint Presentation on the Marine Safety Insignia and the Trident Program from NACON 2002 includes a graphic and description of the device and the education requirements (Trident Program), time in service requirements and required skill summaries to earn the device..

Education Program

The Trident Education Program was announced at N-TRAIN and Safety Lines Vol.2 No. 2 (March 2001) as a baseline training program for Auxiliary members involved in the Marine Safety and Environmental Protection programs. This program includes existing materials from the Coast Guard, Coast Guard Institute, the Ocean Conservancy excerpts from the U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Manual Volume I. Elements include "Incident Command System Orientation," "Initial Indoctrination -- Marine Inspector" Course, "Initial Indoctrination -- Port Operations" Course, and the "Good Mate Manual" from CMC. Enrollment in USCG Institute courses is through your local CG Education Officer. See your USCG Auxiliary Member Training (MT) officer for assistance.

USCG Marine Safety Manual

The excerpts from the Marine Safety Manual Volume 1 provides an overview of the Coast Guard's Marine Safety program.

Incident Command System

The Incident Command System Orientation course (ICS Level 100) is designed to help the student understand the principles of the Incident Command System and how to use it. It acquaints the student with basic ICS structure, terminology and usage in emergency response situations.

Initial Indoctrination - Marine Safety and Environmental Protection

Outline of a course currently under development (PowerPoint format, 161KB).

Initial Indoctrination - Marine Inspector

The Initial Indoctrination -- Marine Inspector course is available from the Coast Guard Institute. It provides introductory knowledge for those entering the marine safety field for those who are assigned to marine inspection duties.

Initial Indoctrination - Port Operations

The Initial Indoctrination -- Port Operations course provides introductory knowledge for those entering the marine safety field who are assigned port safety, security, and/or response duties. No download is available at this time.

Good Mate Manual

The Good Mate Manual and Course.

Other web sites of interest:

Although not part of the Trident Program the following courses from the Coast Guard Institute might be of interest: Other web sites of interest: Hazardous Material

The researcher has been unable to determine if this program is available in USCG Auxiliary District 7.

Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety

In support of Coast Guard efforts to improve commercial fishing vessel (CFV) safety, the Auxiliary is training and assigning dockside examiners. These members conduct CFV exams dockside and inspect both the boat and the safety equipment carried on board. Just like the Auxiliary's CME program for recreational boats, participation is voluntary and there is no penalty if a boat fails the exam. Safety Lines Vol. 1 No. 2

Dockwalker Program

A companion to the CFV safety check program is the "Dockwalker" program. This program provides members who may not have the time or interest to train for the specialized work of vessel inspectors the opportunity to act as dockside public affairs officers. Dockwalkers provide critical information materials to fishing vessel crews. They are frequently the first point of contact with the fishermen and are able to encourage the voluntary dockside exam. Safety Lines Vol. 2 No.1

Uninspected Passenger Vessel Safety Harbor Observer/Specialist Programs

The following web sites may be of interest:

Strategic Planning

Emergency Response Planning

State Emergency Management Offices in USCG Auxiliary District 7 Area of Responsibility For Emergency Management Offices in other states, see the FEMA Regional Offices Web Page and click the link for State Emergency Management Agencies and Offices.

Other web sites of interest:

Environmental Protection and Sea Partners Programs

Special Projects

Waterways Management

Opportunities To Serve

Check the USCG Auxiliary Job Search for opportunies to serve the Coast Guard in the 7th District.

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