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Office of Auxiliary CG-BSX-1
Uniforms, Insignia & Ribbons
For more information, read the current version of the
Auxiliary Manual
USCGAux Insignia of Office
Flotilla, Division, District and National Offices.
Blue/Silver 'A'- Elected -- Red/Yellow 'A'- Appointed
USCGAux insignia do not convey RANK, they convey office held!
Division Insignia

Staff Officer

FSO Burgee
SO Shoulder Boards
SO Insignia Pins
Past SO Burgee

Division Vice Commander
(formerly Captain)

VCP Burgee
VCP Shoulder Boards
VCP Insignia Pins
Past VCP Burgee

Division Commander
(formerly Captain)

DCP Burgee
DCP Shooulder Boards
DCP Insignia Pins
Past DCP Burgee

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