Strategic Priorities

The Coast Guard Strategic Plan 2018-2022 establishes the Service’s strategic priorities:

Maximize Readiness Today and Tomorrow – The Coast Guard’s top priority is Service readiness. The increasing global complexity and expanding demand for Coast Guard services necessitates the best people, modern technology, resilient infrastructure, and highly-capable assets. With a clear understanding of the fiscal environment, we will support our people, invest in mission-enabling technologies, and modernize our assets to enhance our readiness for the challenges of today while preparing for the threats of tomorrow.

Address the Nation’s Complex Maritime Challenges – As the Nation’s unique instrument across the full spectrum of maritime operations, the Coast Guard cooperates and builds capacity to counter maritime threats. From education and regulation, to enforcement and lethal force where necessary, the Coast Guard has a range of capabilities to influence behavior in the increasingly complex maritime domain.

Deliver Mission Excellence Anytime, Anywhere – Our greatest value to the Nation resides in our ability to rapidly shift among our missions to meet national priorities during steady state and crisis. We will align all of our Service’s initiatives to promote organizational efficiency, agility, and effectiveness – delivering excellence anytime, anywhere.