Strategic Priorities

The Coast Guard Strategy establishes the Service’s strategic priorities:

Transform Our Total Workforce – The workforce is the heartbeat of our Service. Our diverse talents are the reason we succeed in our missions. Our personnel are resilient, capable, skilled, and motivated. To recruit, hire, train, and retain the workforce needed for the future, the Coast Guard must provide all of our personnel with a management model that best aligns the talents, desires, and experiences of an individual with the needs of the Service to maximize the performance of both. To transform our total workforce, we will execute the Ready Workforce 2030 Strategic Outlook. While we strive to implement each line of effort in the Outlook, we will place particular emphasis on rapidly executing the following key initiatives to enhance recruiting and retention.

Sharpen Our Competitive EdgeStaying sharp in a constantly evolving environment — increasingly shaped by technology, data, and integrated systems — requires us to more clearly understand and forecast our needs. Deliberate and ongoing investments will ensure our Service remains resilient to change. We must deliver and integrate new capabilities and processes quickly to meet emerging requirements. We will thoroughly incorporate workforce support and asset sustainment into improved and holistic planning efforts. Embracing a culture of innovation will help us quickly develop new solutions to the most pressing problems and deploy them seamlessly into everyday mission execution.

Advance Our Mission Excellence – We remain committed to our principles and fundamentals of operations as we prepare for a future that is different from today. Given a dynamic environment and evolving national security priorities, we must employ our assets and people in news ways, applying our precious resources to the highest priority missions that the Coast Guard can best perform. We will enhance the way we execute our enduring and emerging missions and reaffirm our leadership role during crises to deliver exceptional service to the nation. Transforming our processes and procedures will enable us to conduct disciplined operations with warranted risk, leading crews to accomplish the mission and safely return.

Coast Guard Strategy