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General Information

 Resource Documentation TOPs
 The Technical Operating Procedures (TOPs) for Resource Documentation contains detailed instructions on completing required cost documentation and submitting the project's Final Financial Report to the NPFC as well as copies of the forms themselves.          


     Standard Rates  The Coast Guard Commandant Standard Rates Instruction (COMDTINST 7310.1O) provides guidance and sets standard rates to be used by Coast Guard units and personnel when required to compute reimbursable charges. This instruction was last revised Nov 18, 2013.
 OSLTF Disbursements: Internal Controls and Audits  This NPFC document provides guidance on documentation and approval requirements for disbursements from the OSLTF, which are subject to random audits. It discusses the 5 areas that are subject to auditing, describes what types of documents may meet those requirements, and summarizes record retention policies