Household Goods Claims


The DD form 1840/1840R (the pink forms), 1850/1851 and or the notice of loss or damage form must be received by the TSP/carrier within 75 days of delivery. The forms noted above are not your claim; it is notification to the TSP/carrier of loss or damage and your intent to file a claim at a later date.  The DPS system has a notification process as well.  It is called the “loss or damage report” if you choose to use this method of timely notification, this must be completed in DPS and you must ensure that you hit the submit button prior to the 75th day. Failure to actually submit the damage report is cause for denial of your claim for no timely notice to the TSP.


Your claim must be received by the military claims office within two years of the date of delivery of your household goods to be considered for payment.  There are no exceptions to this unless you are present in a war zone - that is the law.



Additional Information

Instructions for Filing Household Goods Claims

The documentation listed below is necessary to process your claim. Failure to provide any of the required documents will delay your claim and may result in the reduction of the amount paid or denial of the claim completely. If you have any questions or problems getting the documents, contact the Military Claims Office at (757) 628-4212.

1. _____ DD Form 1842 - Claim for Loss or Damage to Personal Property Incident to Service. Complete Blocks 1-18.


2. _____ If anyone other than the Service Member (spouse, child, parent…) is filing a claim on behalf of the military member a valid Power of Attorney is required.


3. _____ DD Form 1844 - Schedule of Property and Claims Analysis Chart. Please fill this form out carefully and complete blocks 1-11 & 13. Damage should be accurately described on this form. Failure to properly fill out the form will slow down your claim. If the purchase date is left blank, the maximum depreciation will be taken.


4. _____ DD Form 1840/1840R, 1850/1851 - Joint Statement of Loss or Damage at Delivery/Notice of Loss or Damage and/or Notice of Damage Form (the pink or white forms given to you by the delivering agent/company. You and the driver sign and date the front of this form on the day of delivery).


6. _____ Your copy of the inventory at pick-up and/or delivery.


7. _____ A missing items statement if applicable. This would apply to large items such as a piano, sofa that would be noticeably missed at delivery.


8.______ Paperwork for damaged electrical items: (if no external damage to the item)

a. A function statement for any damaged electrical items. This statement should include the working condition of the item prior to shipment, the date of last use and if rough handling by the packing crew was observed at origin and/or destination.


Note: If you have transferred your claim to the MCO through the DPS System do not obtain an Estimate of Repair unless specifically requested by the MCO Claims Settlement Officer).


9. _____ Substantiation of replacement cost(s). You will be required to provide a replacement cost for any item claimed with a repair or replacement cost of $100.00 or more in value.

a. You must submit replacement cost for each item that will cost $100.00 or more to replace. Pictures and prices of comparable items from the Internet, or catalogs are acceptable replacement costs. If you are claiming something that is unique and cannot be obtained through the Internet, a replacement cost from a reputable firm on an order form or sales slip is acceptable. The estimate must state whether the replacement item is comparable to the item to be replaced or explain any differences if the item is not similar.


b. Businesses should not charge you to provide a replacement cost estimate. If there is a charge, find another business that will provide it free of charge.


10. _____ Proof of Value must be provided for items when the repair and/or replacement cost claimed is $100.00 or more in value. This may be accomplished by providing the original receipt, credit card statement of account used when purchased or cancelled check. If none of these are available, an owner's manual can assist in substantiating value. In the absence of any of the above mentioned documentation, you may consider submitting a photograph of the damaged item taken prior to shipment, if you have one, if you do not have a picture taken prior to shipment, a current full view picture of the item can be submitted to assist in substantiating the value. This suggestion is intended to assist you with a way to substantiate high dollar items, the cost associated with film and film development is not refundable.


Note: When providing a picture for Proof of Value for an item claimed, the picture should be a clear full view picture of the item. A close up picture of the damage (only) does not assist the claim’s examiner in establishing the proof of value for the item claimed.


11. _____ A copy of your orders (with any amendments) which authorize shipment and /or storage of household goods.


12. _____ A copy of the Home Owners or Renters insurance policy (Only required if you filed a claim with your private insurance).


13. _____ Any correspondence with your insurance company (If private insurance was used).


14. _____ Any correspondence with the Transportation Service Provider (TSP)/Carrier.


15. _____ Privately Owned Vehicle - POV claims.You must submit the DD Form 788 and/or Vehicle Inspection and Shipping Form (VISF) (or carrier equivalent). This is the form that was filled out at origin annotating existing scratches or damage. Any pre-existing damage will be annotated on the image of a vehicle directly on the form. The reverse side is filled out at destination annotating any damages occurring during shipment. Vehicle claims require one estimate of repair (the estimate should be from an automotive dealer if available). If you are living in a remote area and cannot obtain an estimate or are having difficulties obtaining an estimate of repair contact the Military Claims Office for assistance.


Note: There will NOT be a Government Bill of Lading (GBL), inventory, DD Form 1840/1840R, 1850/1851 or Notice of Loss or Damage Form for your POV.