ALJ Decisions: 2018





Docket Number

Order Date




Order Type

Citation Number

Pending  2017-0140 03/20/2018 Theodore Bruce Edenstrom 2x Misconduct Proved                         



   2017-0343 04/10/2018 Jonas Miller Use of/or addiction to the use of Dangerous Drugs Proved Default- Revocation SR-2018-02


2017-0275 08/09/2018 Kimberly Ann Wion Misconduct Proved Revocation SR-2018-03
  2017-0244 05/17/2018 David Wayne Collard Conviction that Would Preclude the Issuance of an MMC Proved Revocation SR-2018-04
  2018-0066 09/19/2018 Luis Androver Lagares Misconduct Proved 2 Month Outright Suspension SR-2018-05
  2017-0130 09/24/2018 Jeffrey Nagler Violation of Law or Regulation Proved 5 Month Outright Suspension SR-2018-06
  2018-0084 06/14/2018 Derrick Anthony High Use of/or addiction to  the use of Dangerous Drugs Proved Default/Revocation SR-2018-07
  2017-0358 11/01/2018 Robert Kelvin Cook III Use of, or addicted to dangerous drugs Proved Revocation SR-2018-08