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Asset | April 26, 2019

Aids to navigation boats

These boats assist in maintaining the nearly 50,000 navigation aids on the marine transportation system.

The 18-foot aids to navigation-medium cutter boat is used by the Keeper Class Coastal Buoy Tenders to transport equipment to a construction site and also used at small boat stations for emergency response to floods or areas where a shallow water response is necessary.

The 20-foot aids to navigation boat-small and 16-foot aids to navigation boat-skiff primarily aid to navigation servicing, construction, repair and discrepancy response.

The 26-foot trailerable aids to navigation boat serves as the workhorse for aids to navigation teams.

The 49-foot stern loading buoy boat supports the short-range aids to navigation missions.

The 55-foot aluminum hull can operate in moderately rough weather in coastal and inland waters.

The 64-foot self-propelled barge primarily operates on the protected rivers and protected waters