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Coast Guard Assets

Explore the aircraft, cutters and boats used by the Coast Guard to conduct various missions throughout the world.

Asset | April 26, 2019

35-foot long range interceptor II cutter boat


Length: 34 feet 11 inches
Beam: 31.3 feet
Maximum speed: 35 knots
Maximum winds: 21-25 knots
Towing capacity: 10 gross tons
The 35-foot long range interceptor II cutter boat is deployed aboard the National Security Cutters. It deploys for a variety of missions including search and rescue, drug interdiction, alien migrant interdiction operations, living marine resources, defense readiness, and port, waterways, and coastal security.

The 35-foot long range interceptor II cutter boat is an aluminum deep-vee, dual diesel engine, water jet propelled, planing monohull with a rigid foam collar that helps protect the hull from impact damage. will be deployed aboard the National Security Cutter. The high speed cutter boats supports stern launch requirements and can execute mission in equatorial and artic conditions. The boat is equipped with improved dynamic stability and robust logistics support infrastructures.