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Coast Guard Assets

Explore the aircraft, cutters and boats used by the Coast Guard to conduct various missions throughout the world.

Asset | April 24, 2019

420-foot Healy class


Length: 420 feet
Beam: 82 feet
Sustained Speed: 72 knots
Range: 16,000 nautical miles at 12.5 knots; 37,000 miles at 9.25 knots
Ice breaking 4.5 feet of ice at 3 knots
The Coast Guard Cutter Healy is designed to conduct a wide range of research activities. The scientific community provided invaluable input on lab layouts and scientific capabilities during design and construction of the ship.

The Coast Guard Cutter Healy was launched in 1997 and commissioned in 200, joining the two Polar-class icebreakers. The Healy can operate in temperatures as low as minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The cutter is a capable platform for supporting other potential missions in the polar regions and is capable of accommodating two H-65 Dolphin helicopters or one Dolphin and one H-60 Jayhawk helicopter.