List of Authorized CG-3307 (Administrative Remarks) Entries

Personnel and Pay Procedures Manual, PPCINST M1000.2 (series), Enclosure (6)


This page lists authorized example CG-3307 entries required by the Personnel and Pay Procedures Manual, PPCINST M1000.2 (series) and Commandant issued directives. Per COMDTINST 1000.14 (series), Preparation and Submission of Administrative Remarks (CG-3307), units are prohibited from using the CG-3307 to document events not listed in the examples below.

Preparation and Distribution

Instructions for the preparation and distribution of CG-3307 entriesfile in pdf format

About the Templates

The following files are "fill in the blank" CG-3307's entries. They are is MS Word file format, so you can edit them as needed. If you need to change the text of the entry, (in MS Word 2003) click View | Toolbars | Forms in the Word menu. Click the "Padlock" icon on the Forms toolbar to unlock the form. Please see this Quick Reference Guide if you are using Office 2007.

ACC-02 DEP Discharge into USCG32KBDOC File
ACC-03 Drug-Free33KBDOC File
ACC-04 Pre-Training Physical32KBDOC File
ACC-05 Missing Social Security Card33KBDOC File
ACC-06 Resident Alien 32KBDOC File
ACC-07 Not a US citizen32KBDOC File
ACC-08 Color Vision32KBDOC File
ACC-09 E-3 without a designator32KBDOC File
ACC-10 May be eligible for advancement to pay grade E-433KBDOC File
ACC-11 Withholding information is punishable under the UCMJ32KBDOC File
ACC-12 Reserve over 4032KBDOC File
ACC-13 Reserve Swim Test32KBDOC File
ACC-14 Reserve Swim Test Member Not Attending Accession Training32KBDOC File
ACC-15 Reserve Direct Deposit Member Not Attend Accession Training34KBDOC File
ACC-16 Spouse on Acitve duty32KBDOC File
ACC-17 Scholar Program Service Dates47KBDOC File
ACC-18 Scholar Program Leave46KBDOC File
AR-01 Reduction in Rate36KBDOC File
AR-03 Reduction in Rate Oberservation Period Complete34KBDOC File
AR-04 Withdrawal of Advancement Recommendation34KBDOC File
AR-05 Voluntary Removal from CWO Eligibility List33KBDOC File
AR-06 Voluntary Removal from CWO Eligiblity List-Hardship32KBDOC File
AR-07 Voluntary Removal from ADV List34KBDOC File
AT-01 Availability for Unrestricted Assignment32KBDOC File
AT-02 HUMS Transfer34KBDOC File
AT-03 Unsuitable for Special Duty34KBDOC File
AT-04 Suitablity for Icebreaker Duty34KBDOC File
AT-05 Member to Member OCONUS Re-assignment32KBDOC File
AT-06 Overseas Screening34KBDOC File
AT-10A Transfer to IRR50KBDOC File
AT-10B Transfer to ISL48KBDOC File
AT-10C Transfer to ASL48KBDOC File
AT-10D Transfer to SELRES54KBDOC File
AT-11 Administrative Absence to Obtain a Legal Marriage36KBDOC File
BON-01 SELRES Reenlistment - Extension Bonus Unit34KBDOC File
BON-02 SELRES Enlistment Bonus - Recruiting Office34KBDOC File
BON-03 SELRES Enlistment Bonus - Unit34KBDOC File
BON-04 SELRES Affiliation Bonus - Unit34KBDOC File
BON-05 SELRES Bonus Absence due to recall34KBDOC File
BON-06 SELRES Bonus Authorized a period of non-availability35KBDOC File
BON-07 SELRES Bonus with A School Requirement36KBDOC File
PD-01 Overweight_No_Probation_Recomend_Discharge_Sep_ISL48KBDOC File
PD-01A Weight_Probation_Period_Extension_30_Days46KBDOC File
PD-01B Weight_Probation_Period_Abeyance_6_months36KBDOC File
PD-02 Weight_Probation_Semiannual Officer51KBDOC File
PD-02 Weight_Probation_Semiannual52KBDOC File
PD-02A Weight_Probation_Non_Semiannual Officer50KBDOC File
PD-02A Weight_Probation_Non_Semiannual50KBDOC File
PD-03 Weight_Probation_Complete_Met_Weight_Standards34KBDOC File
PD-04 Weight_Separation_Post_Probation36KBDOC File
PD-05 Missed Vessel Movement34KBDOC File
PD-06 General_Positive34KBDOC File
PD-07 General_Negative34KBDOC File
PD-08 Reserve Telework Acknowledgement512KBPDF File
PD-08 UCMJ Code of Conduct Acknowledgement34KBDOC File
PD-09 Obligation to Provide Continuous and Adequate Support of Dependents34KBDOC File
PD-10 Failure to Pay Depts34KBDOC File
PD-10A Counseled Government Travel Charge Card Payment 61 Days Late36KBDOC File
PD-10B Counseled Government Travel Charge Card Misuse36KBDOC File
PD-11 Unsat Conduct of Personal Affairs and Support of Dependents34KBDOC File
PD-12 Counseling for Inappropriate Relationships34KBDOC File
PD-13 Alcohol Incident36KBDOC File
PD-14 Involved in an Alcohol Incident35KBDOC File
PD-14 Involved in an Drug Incident36KBDOC File
PD-16 Completion of Afer Care_Alcohol Dependent35KBDOC File
PD-16 Completion of After Care_Alcohol Abusive36KBDOC File
PD-16 Completion of After Care_Self-Referral35KBDOC File
PD-16 Completion of Education35KBDOC File
PD-17 Alcohol Abusive or Alcohol-Drug Dependent36KBDOC File
PD-18 Begin 90 Day Aftercare Program36KBDOC File
PD-19 Begin 12 Month Aftercare Program35KBDOC File
PD-20 Alcohol-Drug Screening and Determination36KBDOC File
PD-21 Counseling for Placement on Performance Probation34KBDOC File
PD-22 Awarded General Discharge34KBDOC File
PD-23 DWO_Failed34KBDOC File
PD-23 DWO_Passed34KBDOC File
PD-23A Qualified Permanent Cutterman34KBDOC File
PD-23B Failed to Maintain Cutterman Qualification35KBDOC File
PD-23C Qualified Temporary Cutterman35KBDOC File
PD-24 OOD_Inport35KBDOC File
PD-24 OOD_Underway35KBDOC File
PD-25 EOIT Certified34KBDOC File
PD-26 Completed PQS or qualified certified as (specify watchstation)34KBDOC File
PD-27 Restraining Order_Military Protective Order34KBDOC File
PD-28 Conviction for Domestic Violence35KBDOC File
PD-29 Return to Flight Status Abastain from Alcohol34KBDOC File
PD-30A Qualified Temporary Marine Safety Insignia35KBDOC File
PD-30B Qualified Permanent Marine Safety Insignia34KBDOC File
PD-31 Administrative LOD determination38KBDOC File
RIB-01 Notice of Eligibility95KBPDF File
RIB-02 Medical Hold Orders111KBPDF File
RIB-03 Active Duty for Health Care Orders110KBPDF File
RPM-01 Counseled for failure to report for scheduled IDT36KBDOC File
RPM-02 Counseled for failure to report for scheduled ADT35KBDOC File
RPM-03 Counseled for failure to notify change in address36KBDOC File
RPM-04 Counseled for failure to complete the Annual Screening Questionnaire36KBDOC File
RPM-05 Counseled for failure to complete annual dental or medical exam35KBDOC File
SEP-01 Agree to withholding of final pay on sep date34KBDOC File
SEP-02 Rights upon separation34KBDOC File
SEP-03 Types of discharge certificates33KBDOC File
SEP-06 Counseled regarding the loss of entitlement to file for U.S citizenship33KBDOC File
SEP-07A Reenlistment Interview_Member Eligible and Recommended36KBDOC File
SEP-07B Reenlistment Interview_Member Not Eligible but Recommended35KBDOC File
SEP-07C Reenlistment Interview_Member Eligible but Not Recommended38KBDOC File
SEP-07D Reenlistment Interview_Member Not Eligible and Not Recommended36KBDOC File
SEP-08 Discharged from active duty without immediate reenlistment34KBDOC File
SEP-09 Discharge - Immediate Reenlistment35KBDOC File
SEP-10 Released from active duty and transferred to the reserve to complete MSO35KBDOC File
SEP-11 Retired from active duty34KBDOC File
SEP-12 Must Reenlist within 3 months of sep33KBDOC File
SEP-13 Waiver of med treatment desire to sep on EAOS33KBDOC File
SEP-14 Desire to be discharged without further hearing and without disability34KBDOC File
SEP-15 Discharge from USCGR inactive duty and immediate reenlistment.35KBDOC File
SEP-16 Discharge from USCGR inactive duty without immediate reenlistment34KBDOC File
SEP-17 Counseled upon assignment to the IRR33KBDOC File
SEP-18 Retire in lieu of discharge due to High Year Tenure35KBDOC File
SEP-19 High Year Tenure E3 and E4 Professional Growth Point Counseling35KBDOC File
SEP-20 High Year Tenure E2 Professional Growth Point Counseling36KBDOC File
SEP-21 Acknowledgement of Separation Pay and Recoupment from Retired Pay35KBDOC File
SEP-22 SELRES Obligated Service for the Post 9 11 G I Bill40KBDOC File
SEP-22125KBPDF File
SEP-24 Montgomery GI Bill Pre-Separation Counseling34KBDOC File
SEP-25 Extension of EAD Order due to Medical condition34KBDOC File
SRB-01 Counseled on SRB member near EAOS40KBDOC File
SRB-02 Counseled on SRB member near 6 or 10 year AD anniversary38KBDOC File
SRB-03 Counseled on SRB member entering into an extension34KBDOC File
SRB-04 Counseled on SRB payments for new rating34KBDOC File
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