Using the Forgotten Password Reset:

Follow these steps if you forget your password:

  1. Click the "Forgot MY Password?" link. .
    Log on screen

  2. Enter your User ID and click the Continue button.
    Data Entry Screen

    Note: If your account is not setup, the following error message will display:
    Account Not Set Error
    Follow the instructions in the message for assistance.

  3. If your account is properly setup (You have entered your business email address and setup a security question and response) they system will send a password reset link via email:
    Password Change Notification
    Check your email for the link (Note: If the message is not in your inbox, check your Junk Mail folder).
    System email with PW link

  4. Follow the instructions in the email to access your password reset page.
    Change Password Screen

  5. Enter the response to your security question and click Submit

  6. If you entered the correct response, the password reset page will display.
    Success Mesage


  7. Complete the New Password and Confirm Password fields. Note: Passwords must be at least nine characters long and contain at least one number and one special character).
    Click the Change Password button.
    Confirmation Page
    Note: The system will also send a confirmation email to alert you that your account has been changed.

  8. Click the link to return to the portal login page.

  9. Login with the password you set in step 6.

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