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Chatham Boats

Station Chatham maintains a unique boat mix due to the challenging marine environment of the outer Cape.  Due to the shallow shifting sand bars found on the Chatham Bar, Station Chatham requires surf capable vessels with shallow draft capability.  Click on the pictures or the boat titles to go to each boat's page that has more information.

photo of Near Shore Life Boat

42' Special Purpose Craft Near Shore Lifeboat

Station Chatham has the privilage to introduce the first three 42' Nearshore Lifeboats in the Coast Guard. Due to the shallow and always changing sand bars off of Chatham, the station requires a different Search and Rescue platform and the SAFE BOAT 42' Hamilton jet driven Near Shore Lifeboat is it.

Boats no longer at Chatham

Photo of retired 44 foot motor lifeboat

44' Motor Lifeboat (retired May 8, 2009)

Station Chatham has had the honor to maintain and operate the last of the 44' Motor Lifeboats, the CG 44301. The workhorse of the Motor Lifeboat Fleet for over 40 years, retired officially on May 8, 2009 (click on the link above for more information)


photo of Coast Guard 36500
Coast Guard 36500

CG36500 was built in 1946 at Curtis Bay, Maryland Coast Guard Yard, as all 36s were, and stationed at the Chatham, Massachusetts Coast Guard Lifeboat Station. Like most 36s, it had an active and glorious career with many rescues. It was taken out of service in 1968 after being re-engined from a Sterling gas engine to diesel. It was replaced by the new and improved 44 foot twin diesel, all steel Motor Life Boat. It, like the other 36s, had outlived its usefulness. There isn't much fanfare when this occurs, even though to many Coasties, it is a sad day. Most were destroyed, but some got saved for display at museums and historical societies.

Photo of 27 foot UTL

Photo by Adam Johnson, BM1
27' UTL

Nantucket's Sound rapidly changing environmental conditions and the treacherous Pollock Rip Area were patrolled by this 27' UTL.


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