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U.S. Coast Guard Station New London

Coast Guard Station New London is located adjacent to historic Fort Trumbull. The first fort was built on this location in 1775. In 1798, the State of Connecticut ceded the property to the federal government. Although the buildings and occupants have changed, the site has been in military hands ever since.

From 1910 to 1932, the stone buildings around Fort Trumbull were the home of the School of Commissioned Officers of the Revenue Cutter Service, later to become the Coast Guard Academy, and a Coast Guard base. In 1932, the construction for the present day Coast Guard Academy was completed, leaving behind Coast Guard Operating Base Fort Trumbull.

During prohibition and World War II, Coast Guard Operating Base Fort Trumbull was an integral part of Coast Guard operations in southern New England. In 1948, the Coast Guard transferred 13.62 acres of Fort Trumbull with associated facilities to the Department of the Navy, retaining the use of buildings 45 and 12, as well as pier 2 and became a tenant of the Navy. In April 1997, upon the closure of the Naval Undersea Warfare Center New London, the current station buildings and pier 2 were returned to the Coast Guard.

Today, Coast Guard Station New London is one of the several units under the operational control of Coast Guard Group/Marine Safety Officer Long Island Sound, within the First Coast Guard District. Unit missions include Search and Rescue (SAR), Recreational Boating Safety, Maritime Law Enforcement (MLE), Military Readiness, Pollution Response and Port Security responsibilities. The Port Security mission includes the enforcement of two permanent security zones established for the protection of military assets along the Thames River.

Station New London maintains the communications guard and provides logistical support for visiting vessels and is also host to the USCG Cutter CHINOOK. Operations are directed from Station New London, and on summer weekends, at Station (Small) on Fishers Island, New York. Boats assigned include the CG 41447, CG 41411, CG 25576, CG 25676, and CG 25542.

The unit personnel complement is one officer, 45 active duty enlisted personnel, 13 reservists and 10 Auxiliarists. An additional 240 Auxiliarists volunteer throughout the Stationís area of responsibility. During the past three years, unit personnel have responded to over 307 SAR cases, conducted 748 MLE boardings, saved 65 people and $7.4 million worth of property. In the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Station crews also met soaring anti-terrorism changes in force protection and port security with an unprecedented surge response carrying out critical operational functions in support of maritime Home Land Security and maritime domain awareness.

Last Modified 1/12/2016