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Coast Guard Station Chatham

Chatham, Massachusetts

Welcome to United States Coast Guard Station Chatham. Station Chatham is a multi-mission Surf Station located on historic Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Welcome to Station Chatham

Photo of the Month December


Chatham Wreath is on display.

Today the crew performed a long standing ritual the hoisting of the lighthouse wreath. The wreath is handmade each year by the duty crew. It takes several hours to skillfully bind the clippings to the wood frame, attach the sweep oar and boathook, and dress the lights. Once completed, the 10 foot wreath weighing several hundred pounds is carried to the lighthouse where the crew carefully hoists it to the perfect position on the Chatham Light. Photo by BMCS Rob Goley


Latest update

USLSS Superintendents

Thanks to William Ryder for dropping to show us an old picture of the U.S. Life-Saving Service Superintendents taken around 1898-1901. The photo is extremely rare. USCG historian Dennis Noble says it is the only picture of Superintendent Maxam he has seen. Chatham's Lifesaving history can trace its roots back to the formation of the Massachusetts Humane Society in 1786. The Humane Societies Houses of Refuge were placed along Cape Cod's beaches starting in 1849. Click on the photo to go directly to the history page

Updated April 01, 2015

Last Modified 1/12/2016