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CGC Willow Seal: In Omnia Paratus - Learn more


Newport, RI

Willows's Seal: The willow tree echoes the name of the cutter; the lightning flash symbolizes the latest electronic and technological advances. The scroll is inscribed with the motto "IN OMNIA PARATUS". Learn more...

CGC Willow Breaking Ice

About 225' Sea-going Buoy Tenders

The 225' WLB is equipped with a single controllable pitch propeller and a bow and a stern thruster which gives the cutter maneuverability to tend buoys offshore and in restricted waters. A sophisticated Machinery Plant Control and Monitoring System (MPCMS) and an Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) enable the cutter to operate safely with an optimally sized crew. Using Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) WILLOW can hold the vessel station within a ten meter circle. This technology has improved the precision and capability of the crew to service and position floating aids to navigation in winds up to thirty knots and eight foot seas.


Length: 225'
Beam: 46'
Draft: 13'
Displacement: 2,000 tons
Speed: 15 kts @ 75
Endurance: 21 days unreplenished
Range: 6000 miles at 12 kts
Crew: 8 officers, 34 enlisted
Buoy Deck Area: 2,875 Square Feet
Icebreaking: 14" plate ice at 3Kts, 3ft backing and ramming
Oil Spill Recovery: 400 Gallons per minute
Last Modified 1/12/2016