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Greens Ledge Light

Greens Ledge Light

Greens Ledge, west of Sheffield Island and a little over a mile long, is one of several treacherous formations in the area. A lighthouse to mark the ledge was first proposed in 1889 to help mariners through the west entrance to Norwalk Harbor, which was a growing commercial port. Congress appropriated funds for the building of lighthouses at Greens Ledge in 1896. The 52-foot lighthouse was finished in 1902. When Greens Ledge Light became operational, the 1868 granite lighthouse on Sheffield Island was discontinued. The lighthouse originally had a fifth order Fresnel lens exhibiting a flashing red light. Just three months after it became operational, Greens Ledge received a fourth order lens showing a white light with red flashes. Over the years, especially after the Hurricane of '38, Greens Ledge Light developed a tilt, and the keepers complained that the vibrations from the station's generators caused all the furniture to move to one side of the tower. They solved the problem by only having furniture on one side. The lighthouse was automated in 1972.

The Coast Guard has expressed interest in finding a nonprofit organization willing to care for the lighthouse. It can be seen distantly from some spots on the Norwalk shore and from the public ferry to Sheffield Island. It is best viewed by private boat.

Operational Characteristics
Position 41° 02' 30" North
073° 26' 38" West
U.S. Coast Guard Light List Number 21340
Height of Tower 62 Feet (off water)
52 Feet (Actual Structure Height)
Light Characteristics Alternating White and Red every 24 seconds
Present Optic VRB-25
Light Visual Range White - 18 Nautical Miles
Red - 15 Nautical Miles
Secondary / Emergency Light Characteristics Flashing white every 12 seconds
Secondary / Emergency Optic 300 MM
Color of Tower Conical (Spark-Plug) Tower with a White Top and a Brown Bottom
Sound Signal Horn
Sound Characteristics 2 Blasts every 20 seconds
National/State Register Status National: Listed #89001468
State: Added to the State Register in 1990

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Last Modified 1/12/2016