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Results: Active Duty  Phase One Fitness Study

Sample of: Civilian Workout Study Application

Civilian Employee Pre Activity Survey

Supervisor Pre Activity Survey

Civilian Employee Post Activity Survey

Supervisor Post Activity Survey


Aerobic Work out Log

Strength Training Log

Health Promotion Manual: COMDTINST M6200.1C

COAST GUARD Athleticism Program

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Need for Physical Fitness
To ensure a fit, ready for duty workforce, the Health Promotion Program’s Physical Fitness component is intended to assist personnel with assessing their current fitness status and design an exercise program to enhance or maintain their current level of fitness. The HP program can assist commands with developing a unit fitness instruction to encourage participation in regular physical training required by Commandant Policy. The Health Promotion Program also provides oversight and subject matter expertise in the development of Coast Guard wide fitness standards required to qualify for assignment to certain units.

Program Confidentiality
Results of physical fitness tests remain confidential between a member, the test administrators, unit command, and Health Promotion Manager (if appropriate).

Services and Resources Available

Policies Regarding Physical Fitness
As an important factor in mission readiness and an essential component of total wellness, physical fitness should be strongly encouraged at all levels of the command. The following items provide a brief outline for commands regarding CG policy for engaging in physical activity. For more information about policies regarding physical activity during the work day, see Chapter Four of the Coast Guard Health Promotion Manual - COMDTINST M6200.1C.

For Active Duty Members: Allow a minimum of three hours per week during the work day to carry out activities outlined in the member’s Personal Fitness Plan.
For Civilian Employees: The policy for civilians is currently under review.

Program References
The following references provide details of the Physical Fitness Program:

Related Web Sites
The following web sites provide information related to the Physical Fitness Program:

Point of Contact
If you are unable to contact the Health Promotion Manager on your Regional Work-Life Staff, or need additional assistance beyond the information provided here, please contact the Headquarters Health Promotions Program Manager, Tim Merrell at (202) 475-5146, fax (202) 475-5907, or email at

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