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Proceedings Magazine
Vol 72 No 2 Cover
Digital Edition

Proceedings Winter 2015-16

Volume 72, Number 4

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Table of Contents


National Centers of Expertise:
Critical force multipliers.
by LCDR Randy Waddington
INV-NCOE Agency Partnerships:
Established relationships leverage efforts.
by LCDR Yancee McLemore

Investigations National Center of Expertise

Who You Gonna Call?
One man's view on the INV-NCOE.
by LCDR Willie Pittman III
Petroleum oil fingerprinting.
by Ms. Kristy Juaire
Marine Incident Investigation:
NTSB and Coast Guard collaboration.
by Mr. Keith Fawcett and Mr. Nicholas Parham
Commendable Acts:
Honor, respect, and keeping faith with the mariner.
by Mr. Keith Fawcett
Electronic Evidence:
Focus on basics.
by Mr. Marc DeJesus
When Things go Bump:
Western rivers groundings.
by Mr. Les Ledet
Marine Formal Board of Investigation:
A lead investigating officer's perspective.
by LCDR Teresa Hatfield
Marine Casualty Subpoena Authority and Enforcement:
What every investigating officer should know.
by LCDR Damian Yemma

Suspension and Revocation National Center of Expertise

Promoting Professionalism and Proficiency:
The Coast Guard's Suspension and Revocation National Center of Expertise.
by LCDR Yancee McLemore
Service to the Mariner and the Public:
Bringing Coast Guard attorneys into the S&R process.
by Mr. Brian C. Crockett and LCDR Damian Yemma
Raising the Bar:
How the S&R NCOE improves the S&R process.
by Hon. Walter Brudzinski
Prescription Drug Abuse on the Water:
A growing problem.
by LT. Sarah E. Brennan and CDR Christopher F. Coutu
Bearing the Burden of Proof:
The Suspension and Revocation NCOE brings drug users to justice.
by Mr. Eric A. Bauer and LT Sara M. Ellis-Sanborn
Medical Certificates:
The purpose, the process, and the pitfalls.
by LT Sarah E. Brennan and CDR Christopher F. Coutu
Mariners Can Lose Credentials for What?
Navigating through suspension and revocation.
by Mr. James P. Fink


Marine Casualty Trends:
Looking for commonalities to prevent future occurrences.
by CDR Blake Welborn
Coast Guard Reports of Investigation:
The Investigations National Center of Expertise's role.
by LCDR Barbara Wilk

On Deck

Assistant Commandant's Perspective
by Rear Admiral Paul F. Thomas
Champion’s Point of View
by CAPT Jason Neubauer
Upcoming in Proceedings
Chemical of the Quarter:
Understanding Nickel Ore.
by Ms. Amy Parker
Nautical Queries
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