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Anti-Harassment and Hate Incident Resources

The Coast Guard is committed to having a work environment free from discrimination and harassment of any kind. Over the last year, an interdisciplinary working group, comprised of senior leadership and staff officers, developed and executed an Anti-harassment and Hate Incident (AHHI) action plan.

Through this action plan, the Coast Guard has implemented all recommendations from the December 2018 DHS Inspector General Report of Investigations, the December 2019 "Righting the Ship" majority staff report, and the June 2020 DHS Inspector General Audit.

We have revised the AHHI policy, developed training for AHHI investigators, and developed a host of resources for the Coast Guard workforce that will greatly enhance the power of our AHHI procedure. We have also issued guidance and job aids that will help commands more effectively and expediently respond to whistleblower complaints, improve the quality of AHHI investigations, and ensure increased engagement with our Civil Rights Directorate.

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