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USCG Aids to Navigtion Team New Orleans

Reserve Management

USCG ANT New Orleans
1790 Saturn Drive
New Orleans, La. 70129
Office: (504) 253-4836/4834


The primary mission of the Aids to Navigation Team New Orleans is the maintanence of ATON. The aids that ANT NOLA maintains are located along the Mississippi RIver and throughout various lakes, bayous, canals and rivers.

Lakes include: Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Maurepas, Lake Borgne and all other connecting waterways including the intercoastal waterway from English Lookout to Dupre Cut and Barataria Waterway.

ANT NOLA is currently assigned 405 aids, 3/4 of which are on land and 1/4 on the water.

ANT NOLA is the only aids to navigation team with an Auger Truck that is used to construct terrestrial aids similar to those built by construction tenders.

Personnel in ANT NOLA perform work similar to that of a telephone company in setting poles and stringing 120V AC commercial wire.

In the fall of each year, 122 aid sites are evaluated for brushing on the Lower MIssissippi River, using the bobcat to clear the majority of the sites.

Contact Information:

Main Number: (504) 253-4836/
(504) 253-4834

OIC: BMC Michael P. Bollinger
OIC Phone: (504) 253-4831
OIC Cell: (504) 628-2582
OIC Email:

XPO: BM1 Joshua M. Jenkins
XPO Phone: (504) 253-4832
XPO Cell: (504) 628-4927
XPO Email:

EPO: MK1 Mason W. Bowen
EPO Phone: (504) 253-4833
EPO Cell: (504) 628-2065
EPO Email:

Fax: (504) 253-4845

Last Modified 12/26/2014