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  ANT Fort Macon

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Aids to Navigation Team (ANT) Fort Macon was formed in 1975 under the operational control of Coast Guard Group Fort Macon, Atlantic Beach, NC. On April 1, 1982 the unit was transferred to the operational control of USCGC PRIMROSE (WLIC-316). When the PRIMROSE was decommissioned operational control was transferred to her replacement, USCGC SMILAX (WLIC-315). On October 1st, 2001 operational control was once again transferred back to Coast Guard Group Fort Macon. In 2005, the ANT's operational control was passed from Group Fort Macon to Sector North Carolina.

ANT Fort Macon was established to maintain the aids to navigation along the Crystal Coast. This area includes Bogue Sound, Neuse River, Core Sound, and Barden Inlet, the Western half of Pamlico Sound, Pungo River and Pamlico River. Our Aids consist of 50 small buoys, 374-day beacons and 270 lights. Day Beacons consist of one to five wood or steel piles hammered into the bottom of the waterway and normally have a platform attached that holds the day boards. Lights are made the same way and as the name states there is a light added to them. The light is powered by solar batteries that are recharged by the sun. Depending on the type of aid they are normally inspected every 1 to 2 years. If a report is received that an aid is not working properly we respond to that report and make the needed repairs.

24-Hour Operations Center
(910) 362-4015
Search & Rescue, Law Enforcement or Marine Casualty
Oil/HAZMAT Spill, Port Security or other Marine Emergency Report

Last Modified 1/12/2016