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Welcome to Coast Guard Station Juneau

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The crew of Station Juneau is dedicated, heart and mind to excellence.  Through superior training, open communications, and commitment to each other, we provide the best possible service to the public.  As a result, we set a shining example to other units and our community.

Command Philosophy

It is our responsibility to adhere to good order and discipline by creating a place where each of us feel safe, expand our knowledge and be ourselves.  Each of you will be expected to challenge yourselves and fulfill your assigned billet. You will be given the opportunity to make a difference.  I expect each of you to be a positive role model, adhere to policies and be above reproach in all that you do. Be the go to guy!  I will hold each of you accountable for your actions as you should hold each shipmate accountable for theirs.  Always think safety. Loosing situational awareness for just one moment can have consequences that not only effect you but effect those around you.  Your positive attitude can be contagious to all those around you. Take time out of each day to reflect on the positive.

Daily Routine

-Sta Juneau operates with three duty sections; port, starboard, and day work.
-Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are underway and shore side training days.
-Tuesday and Thursday maintenance days.
-Weekends vary depending upon operations.
-Station Juneau does not stand a 24-hour radio watch.  Watch is stood from 0700 to 1700 daily.

Typical Qualifications

-Watch Stander
-Boat Crewmember (25’ RB-S and 45’ RB-M)
-Boarding Team Member
-Engineer (45’ RB-M)
-Coxswain (25’ RB-S and 45’ RB’M)
-Boarding Officer
-Tactical Boat Crewmember (25’ RB-S and 45’ RB-M)

Station History

Coast Guard Station Juneau dates back to the middle 1950’s.  The original Station was located in Auke Bay, and remained there until 1978, when it was moved to its current location.  Then, as now, the station performed all missions assigned today with the additional mission of servicing manned lighthouses.

The first resource assigned was the 38-foot Pickett boat.  The Pickett was replaced by a 40-foot Utility boat then later relieved by a 44-foot steel Motor Lifeboat.  The Motor Lifeboat was destroyed during a dramatic rescue of a family of four during a winter storm ( ).  Replacing the destroyed 44-foot Motor Lifeboat was the 41-foot UTB.  The UTB was replaced in 2000 by a 47-foot Motor Lifeboat, and in 2011 the MLB was replaced by the 45-foot Response Boat – Medium.


The Station Currently has two 45-foot RB-Ms and two 25-foot RB-Ss.

Annual Operations

Station Juneau performs approximately 50 search and rescue cases annually, 50 escorts of High Capacity Passenger Vessels, and 300 law enforcement boarding’s.

Contact Information

USCG Sta Juneau
345 Egan Drive
Juneau, AK 99801

(907) 463-2365 MAIN
(907) 463-2367 AFTER HOURS

(907) 463-2364 OIC
(907) 463-2369 XPO
(907) 463-2375 EPO

Last Modified 9/21/2016