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Coast Guard Dockside Examination Page

Coast Guard Dockside Exam Required by Oct 16, 2015.

Generate a Checklist for your specific fishing vessel

Exams are not required now, but must be completed prior to Oct 15, 2015 for all commercial fishing vessels that operate beyond 3 miles off shore. View Coast Guard letter to the fishing industry. Although you are not required to get an exam right now, your vessel is required to have all of the required equipment on board. If boarded at sea, you will be checked for all of the required equipment. A voluntary dockside exam is a good way to ensure your vessel has all of the required equipment. Vessels with decals will see shorter boarding times.

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How to Prepare for your Dockside Exam Nationwide

1. What equipment do I need on my boat? Use our Commercial Fishing Vessel Checklist Generator to see what equipment your vessel is required to have. Print out a checklist and any of the item detail checklists you want.

CLICK HERE - to generate a custom checklist

You must have the free Adobe's Flash Player installed to run this application. You must also have the free Adobe Reader installed to view the item details screens and to view the regulations.

iPad users: There is no Adobe Flash Player available for the iPad.. You can download a program called iSwifter from the App Store This is a browser used for gaming that run programs created in Flash such as our checklist generator. There is a free trail version. Once installed enter in the address window and navigate back to this page. The checklist generator will require you to enter some some numerical information in several fields. Use the keyboard icon in the upper right hand corner of the browser window to access the iPad keyboard

NOTE - The checklist generator determines the applicability of current regulations based on your answers to the questions. Each Coast Guard District has the authority to and may have granted certain exemptions of the safety equipment requirements. You can check with a District Fishing Vessel Safety Coordinator in your area.

2. Use the checklists to examine your vessel ensuring you have all of the required equipment and that everything is in serviceable condition.

Touching on any item on the checklist will reveal additional information about the item and provide links to regulations and other references related to the specific checklist item.

Picture of Checklist

3. Call to schedule a dockside exam. Call your nearest Coast Guard Dockside Examiner to schedule a visit to your vessel to conduct the exam. If your vessel has all of the required servicable equipment you will be issued a decal and written documentation that your vessel has passed the exam. The exam is valid for two years.

4. Keep equipment in serviceable condition. Your exam is valid for two years. During the two year period, keep track of all equipment condition, expiration and servicing dates. Failing to keep your equipment in servicable condition during the two year period will void your exam documentation.

FEEDBACK...If you find any problems with the Checklist Generator please e-mail me at Please describe the vessel information you input and the problem you found. If this was useful, or you have any recommended changes to make it better please let me know.


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