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USCG Station Channel Islands Harbor

Welcome to Sunny Oxnard California!


Blank Coast Guard Station Channel Islands Harbor is a multi-mission unit that conducts Search and Rescue, Homeland Security, Maritime Law Enforcement, Counter Drug & Alien Migrant Interdiction Operations, Marine Environmental Protection and Boating Safety from Point Dume, CA to Point Conception, CA, and out 50 nautical miles. Our area of responsibility also includes the gorgeous Channel Islands which include; Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa and San Miguel. Station Channel Islands Harbor is the only Pursuit/Heavy Weather combination in the Coast Guard. Every year we conduct between 100 and 150 search and rescue cases and between 150 and 200 law enforcement boardings. The station is also homeport to the 87' Patrol boat USCGC BLACKTIP and ESD Detachment Oxnard.

Blank Station Channel Islands Harbor is located in sunny Oxnard CA. Our area of responsibility includes all of Ventura and Santa Barbara County and even some parts of Los Angeles County. Both Ventura and Santa Barbara County are well known for their wonderful weather, beautiful scenery and pristine beaches. The Channel Islands are protected National Parks and Marine Sanctuary and are well known for their beautiful kelp forest and abundance of wildlife. The islands are a local hotspot for recreational diving and sightseeing. The cities of Hollywood, Anaheim, Santa Monica, Venice Beach and Los Angeles are only about 60 miles away.

Blank Boatswainsmates (BM) & Machinery Technicians (MK) make up most of the stations personnel, but we also have a Yeoman (YN) and a Maritime Enforcement Specialist (ME). Station Channel Islands Harbors assets consist of two 45' Response Boat-Mediums (RB-M) and one 29' Response Boat-Small Gen II (RB-S). Station CIH has a crew of about 27 Active Duty Members, 19 Reserves and a Flotilla of Auxilarists. Station Channel Islands Harbor is a sub unit of CG Sector Los Angeles/Long Beach. If you are reporting or have any questions about Station Channel Islands Harbor feel free to click the Contact Info link or Contact Webmaster Link. Once again welcome to our webpage.

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Last Modified 1/20/2016