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Security Levels

Station Lake Tahoe

Tahoe City, California

Thank You for Visiting

The Station operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week. A watch stander stands watch from 9:00 AM to an hour after sunset during non-winter months. During winter months there is no watch stander on duty, but a crew will be manning the station at all times. Tahoe gets frequent heavy snow storms during winter months, with up to 6 feet snow accumulating in a matter of days. Although it is a winter sports paradise, the chance of "A Framers" getting trapped in Tahoe due to road closures is very common, travel at your own risk.

The station maintains two 25' RBS boats. There is a public launch ramp next door to the station.  There is no room on board the station grounds to store boat trailers or other extra equipment.


Station Lake Tahoo Pier

Last Modified 9/21/2016