ALJ Decisions: 2012



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  2011-0300 01/09/2012 Justin Roberts Refusal to submit to drug test  Proved Revocation





Chad Early Use or addiction to the use of dangerous drugs Proved/ Default Granted Default Order SR-2012-02
2702 2010-0575 01/20/2012 Shean Mason Carroll Refusal to test Proved Suspended 24 months SR-2012-03 
  2009-0228 03/21/2012 Neil A. Webb Jr. Pre-employment Refusal/ Refusal to test Proved Outright suspension 14 months SR-2012-04
  2011-0412 04/18/2012 Derek Rafael Gomez Failure to provide specimen Not Proved Dismissed with Prejudice SR-2012-05
  2012-0046 06/07/2012 Alfred Louis DeSimone Use of or addiction to dangerous drugs; positive random test; marijuana Proved  Order-Bench Decision- Revoked SR-2012-06 
  2010-0567 06/11/2012 Ronald Lewis Thierfelder Disobedience of a lawyer order; refusal to submit to a reasonable cause drug test Disobedience of lawful order-Proved; Refusal to submit to a reasonable cause drug test- Not Proved Outright suspended for one month from date credentials first surrendered and further suspended on probation of an additional two months for a 12 month period of probation beginning at the end of the period of outright suspension SR-2012-07
2697 2010-0372 07/02/2012 Randy Joe Green Use of, or addiction to the use of dangerous drugs Not Proved (Upon remand) Dismissed with Prejudice SR-2012-08
  2012-0001 07/03/2012 Robert James DuPont, III A conviction which would prevent the issuance or renewal of an MMC; second degree battery Proved Revocation with conditions for 12 months. If conditions outlined in order are met, then Respondent may submit a Motion under 33 CFR 20.904(f) SR-2012-09
  2012-0045 07/20/2012 Larry Grant Johnson Reasonable suspicion drug test; positive cocaine metabolites Not Proved Dismissed SR-2012-10
  2012-0105 07/24/2012 Stephen Scott Peryer Decision and order assessing sanction after finding default proved Proved by Default Revocation SR-2012-11
2706 2011-0224 07/25/2012 Richard Albert Chesbrough Misconduct-navigating in violation of vessel's COI/intelligence by grounding the vessel Misconduct- Proved; negligence proved One month outright suspension for misconduct and one month outright suspension for negligence for a total of outright suspension of two months. This will be followed by a period of 18 months probation. SR-2012-12
  2011-0224 07/26/2012 Richard Albert Chesbrough Order staying execution of suspension  N/A Suspension stayed for 15 days SR-2012-13
  2010-0119 07/30/2012 Peter Garcia Hearing for failure to provide evidence of his successful completion of the Settlement Agreement Motion Denied Revocation SR-2012-14
  2011-0224 08/22/2012 Richard Albert Chesbrough Request for Temp Credential pending final D&O Granted Granted SR-2012-15
2705 2011-0545 09/17/2012 Kirk C. Plender Incompetence due to physical disability Proved Revocation SR-2012-16
  2011-0331 09/19/2012 James Arthur Winn Positive drug test for marijuana metabolites; use of, or addiction to the use of dangerous drugs Proved Revocation SR-2012-17
  2012-0131 09/24/2012 Mark Junior Guida Misconduct by assault of another sailor (violent acts against other persons Injury); failure to reply to USCG attempts to rectify new settlement agreement ordered by ALJ Default/Proved Revocation SR-2012-18
  2012-0207 10/23/2012 Frank James Boslet Jr. 2nd offense DUI warranting revocation Proved Revocation SR-2012-19