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Feb. 19, 2020

Office365 Terms & Definitions - System-Wide

The System-Wide requirements apply to all components and applications, as well as outline the overall system availability, usability, reliability, performance, and supportability obligations for the program, including legal and regulatory requirements. In general, these requirements describe the qualities, attributes, design and operational conditions needed to satisfy business goals and objectives of this multi-tenant environment.

Feb. 19, 2020

Office365 Terms & Definitions - Mobility

Mobility refers to any DoD-Approved portable computing device, such as a smartphone or tablet computer. On the .mil network, these devices typically run the following Operating Systems: Blackberry OS, Apple IOS, or Android.

Feb. 19, 2020

Office365 Terms & Definitions - Clients

CLIENTS End users within the DoD use various types of clients to perform daily operations, exchange information, and collaborate about mission related activities.

Oct. 9, 2019

Office 365 for Early Adopters

What are the Office 365 capabilities and limitations at the moment for Pilot Users?

Aug. 6, 2019

Question/Concerns: O365 Connectivity

Q: Will the impact to CGOne connectivity be monitored and taken into consideration during O365 Core testing? If yes does that include smaller units with the smallest service throughput/bandwidth?