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Feature | Feb. 20, 2020

Office365 FAQs - How and when will the transition to O365 occur?

The upgrades will be completed throughout FY 2019-2020 and will require:

  • Establishing an external network connection through a DISA Cloud Access Point (CAP) to the Microsoft Azure and Office 365 hosted on an Impact Level 5 cloud.
  • Bandwidth upgrade orders are in place for the vast majority of Coast Guard sites. Any remaining upgrades needed will be ordered in FY19.
  • Phased migrations involving the transfer of services for email, personal/public folders, file/print servers, and Skype will include:
    • Upgrade the existing MS Exchange 2010 footprint to Exchange 2016.
    • Engineer a future state hybrid on-premises solution to support cutter/aircraft assets.
    • Conduct an email and Office 365 Suite pilot.
    • Migrate all users’ email accounts (~65k).
    • Absorb .pst files to users’ cloud accounts.
    • Migrate user files to MS OneDrive.
    • Transfer Skype services to MS cloud.