Office365 FAQs - What is the CG “hybrid solution” for deployable units?


Cutter configuration will largely remain the same; however, the hardware and software will be updated to the most recent versions. Maintaining on-cutter servers will provide the best user experience for our underway shipmates. This allows users to maintain onboard functionality in the DDIL environment their faced with (DDIL: denied, disconnected, intermittent, low-bandwidth). The addition of on-cutter Skype capability is under consideration.

A small footprint will remain to support email east/west coast, most likely at OSC and Base Alameda. During piloting, we may find it necessary to maintain a small group of profiles here to maximize the user experience (example: aircraft users).

A small file footprint will remain in support of print servers. We’re hoping to centralize these to the districts, but network latency testing will determine the feasibility of consolidation. Regardless, the 1200+ currently supported files servers will be reduced to ~200.