Office365 FAQs - What is the Federal Records Management Act of 2014 and how does it impact the USCG and O365?


This congressional Act established requirements for the length of time electronic documents must be kept, destroyed, or archived.

Only 49 positions within the CG have been determined to have a permanent record schedule. All electronic documents with an indefinite records retention schedule require archival to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). At this time, no records schedule is under development for file retention.

The Office of Information Management (CG-61) has determined the standard records schedule for all email will be 7 years; 15-20 information types are being reviewed that may require a special records schedule outside this standard. Note: Email is a communications capability, not a file repository. Users that intend to keep emails outside of the established schedules may convert these files to PDF to store in OneDrive.

For further information, please contact CG-61 and request information on the Capstone Project: