Feature | July 2, 2019

Email Users: Help Me kNow

The Help Me kNow Hub (CAC required) is a one-stop microlearning self-guided resource providing Office365 End Users with access to:

•Training Content
•Live How-To Support
•Tips & Tricks
•Virtual Training

Build your crew's knowledge and increase proficiency in Office 365 and Teams.  These specifically tailored self-guided courses help you master your skills.


Reference Library

Live Coaching

Virtual Training

Skill Builder

With over 100,000 how-to videos, the Reference Library helps you grow your knowledge on the applications you use every day. Work directly with an expert consultant to get quick how-to support and guidance when you need it. Take a webinar and learn new skills from expert consultants to increase your software proficiency. Take self-paced custom modules that provide you with a structured learning experience that awards your progression.