Feature | June 24, 2019

Pop quiz on motorcycle safety

Quick, which service is safest for motorcyclists?

The U.S. Coast Guard, of course. The Service has been a leader in providing no-cost training and requiring rider PPE.

Yet in FY18, the CG recorded 58 motorcycle mishaps, resulting in 618 lost work days and two fatalities. Now that summer is here, please be safe while you ride.

Some key things to remember:

  • All motorcycle operators and passengers must wear the following PPE while on a Coast Guard installation: an approved motorcycle helmet, eye protection, over the ankle foot protection, gloves designed for motorcycle use, and long-sleeve shirts or motorcycle jacket and pants appropriate for motorcycle riding.

  • Military personnel must wear the above PPE at all times when operating motorcycles.

  • Motorcycle safety training is required. CG riders have access to no-cost training at select USCG and DoD facilities. Additionally, if military training is not available, active duty military riders can receive reimbursement for authorized courses.

  • Commands required to identify all Coast Guard military personnel who own or plan to purchase a motorcycle, and ensure 100 percent compliance with motorcycle training and PPE requirements.

For additional information and resources on motorcycle safety, go to: https://cg.portal.uscg.mil/units/hswlsc/SafeEvHealth/Shore_Branch/motorcycle/SitePages/Home.aspx