Feature | June 4, 2019

Congress sends USCG $516M in disaster relief funds

The House just passed a massive disaster relief bill, sending the measure to President Trump for signature. The supplemental appropriations bill unlocks $19.1 billion for communities recovering from hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, wildfires and other natural disasters. The bill includes significant Coast Guard funding - almost $39 million for O&S, and almost $477 million for PC&I.

The Senate passed the bill before Memorial Day, and the president has indicated he will sign it.

The funding sends aid and rebuilding assistance to local communities and farmers, while repairing and fortifying national infrastructure. The bill includes, for example:

  • $331 million in community development grants for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands
  • $600 million in nutrition assistance to Puerto Rico
  • $25 million to the Northern Mariana Islands
  • $3 billion to USDA distribute to American farmers for lost crops
  • $150 million to USDA for grants and loans to help rebuild rural facilities like health clinics, schools, police station and town halls
  • $3.3 billion to help the Army Corps of Engineers repair damages and mitigate the impact of future disasters
  • $16 million to help the Interior Department cover fire remediation and firefighting costs