Feature | April 4, 2019

Innovation Challenge: Create a “How To” video

This ALCOAST solicits videos created by the Coast Guard workforce demonstrating how to perform Coast Guard job tasks as part of a three-month innovation challenge.
This challenge is a follow-up to a Force Readiness Command (FORCECOM) innovation challenge in which we asked Training Centers and FORCECOM staff to create videos that answered the “how to” questions they were receiving from the field. FORCECOM established a performance support Online Video channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzGz5BWjrk2mYV-mQ-Glh0Q) dedicated to hosting "How To" videos. FORCECOM is encouraging all Coast Guard active duty, reserve, civilian, and auxiliary personnel to create and submit videos to be hosted on this channel.
Creating and submitting your “How To” video:
   A. Review Rubric: Review the self-evaluation rubric at: http://cglink.uscg.mil/1b6d970e.
   B. Choose Task: Choose a specific Coast Guard task and create the video (ideally under 5
minutes unless the task has many steps).
   C. Upload Video: Ensure “#CGHowTo” is in the title and upload using the following link:www.youtube.com/. If you do not have a YouTube account or would prefer not to uploaddirectly, you may upload your video to the Coast Guard’s Innovation system at:https://cg-ideasatwork.ideascalegov.com/.
      - Make sure you follow applicable policy associated with the topic of your video.
      - Ensure your video does not contain:
      (1) OPSEC
      (2) Classified or Sensitive Information
      (3) Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
   D. Complete Self Evaluation: Complete the self-evaluation rubric at:
http://cglink.uscg.mil/1b6d970e. Videos submitted without a completed rubric will not be considered.
   E. Enter Innovation Challenge: E-mail the completed self-evaluation rubric to CGHowTo@uscg.mil or complete electronically and click submit. Ensure the video hyperlink is included on the form.
Submissions will be accepted through July 4, 2019. Videos submitted for the first innovation challenge will be entered if their creator completes steps 4.D-E above.
Winners: 5 winners will be determined by the number of “likes” and their evaluation rubric score. In addition to flag level recognition, the 5 winners will also receive a Commandant’s Letter of Commendation.

Tools to help produce videos: http://cglink.uscg.mil/86a8ec40
Also, view the videos (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzGz5BWjrk2mYV-mQ-Glh0Q).Check out what your peers have already created and be sure to “like” the ones that helped you accomplish a task and leave constructive comments. With this innovation challenge, we have the chance to learn, adjust, and transform the way we provide just-in-time support to Coast Guard members in the field. Videos are one way to allow creative people like you to drive this change.


Contact: If you have any questions or need help getting started, please direct inquiries to the FORCECOM Performance Technology Center Innovation Team at: CGHowTo@uscg.mil.