Feature | April 10, 2019

Shipmate Funds are on the way!

Field interest and submissions for the Shipmate Fund have generated significant enthusiasm within the Coast Guard Foundation (the Foundation) and provide significant benefits to Coast Guard members and their families. In response to a request from the Foundation, REF (A) solicited a refreshed list of Shipmate Fund requests. The final list of items totaling nearly $2.1 million was approved by the Vice Commandant and submitted to the Foundation for consideration.

The current approved, prioritized Shipmate Fund list may found at: http://cglink.uscg.mil/25958a9d.

The Foundation is currently using this new list to generate additional donations for Shipmate Fund requests.

Community Services Command (CSC) is actively working to distribute newly gifted funds from the Foundation. Units whose projects are selected for funding will be notified by email as funds become available throughout the year. Funds may be directed to items or projects specified by donors, or may be provided to the Coast Guard for broad application to the Shipmate Fund list. Not all items on this list will be funded and funding may not necessarily follow the published prioritization subject to donor desires.

It is the Foundation’s desire to provide immediate benefit to CG units, members and families. To facilitate efficient procurements, Shipmate Funds will be electronically transferred by the CSC to field MWR accounts using the regular MWR funds distribution process. Shipmate Funds will be sent to the cognizant authority for MWR purposes, as defined in REF (B), for further distribution as necessary. Commands in receipt of funds for further distribution for procurement must act expeditiously to ensure proper, but rapid acquisition of items. Units are encouraged to consider using the Coast Guard Exchange System as a source for their Shipmate Fund procurements as discounts are provided on morale fund purchases.

If the actual costs are more than approved, the unit must cover the additional cost. Should the unit be unable to cover these costs, the Shipmate Funds must be returned to the CSC. If the actual costs are less than funds received and the difference is five percent or greater, the unit must return these funds to the CSC. Substitution of items is not authorized. For example, a unit funded for a treadmill may not procure a kayak. 

All procurements must be made in accordance with REF (C). Items that meet the requirements for inclusion on the unit property records must be recorded in Oracle FAM as required. Items procured with Shipmate Funds that meet this requirement will  be recorded as appropriated fund property. Units must retain copies of this ALCOAST, the purchase request, and the invoice (marked received) in their MWR file. CSC or the cognizant authority for MWR purpose may request copies of this documentation.

Members of the Foundation greatly enjoy seeing the benefits Coast Guard members derive from their contributions. The Foundation also enjoys receiving pictures of equipment being used. Benefiting units are strongly encouraged to promptly assemble equipment and email at least one photo of unit personnel enjoying the item to the following address: shipmate@cgfdn.org.

Unit Commanding Officers and Officers in Charge should promptly mail written thank you letters directly to the Foundation: Coast Guard Foundation, 394 Taugwonk Road, Stonington, CT 06378-1807. The Foundation donors may wish to visit units to see the benefits derived from their generosity. Benefitting units should make all efforts to accommodate such requests. Commands are not authorized to contact the Foundation regarding the status of their Shipmate Fund items. Any questions must be directed to the appropriate cognizant authority for MWR purposes.

Contact: CWO Raymond Eakes, (757) 842-4929 or Raymond.P.Eakes@uscg.mil.