Feature | April 17, 2019

Expansion of Childcare Options

As the Women’s Retention Study and Holistic Analysis affirmed, there is an ever-growing demand for childcare services to meet the needs of working parents. As CDCs fill up and new parents are put on waiting lists, we are offering more support to our members and dependents through the Family Child Care (FCC) Service Program.  The FCC program affords an opportunity for Coast Guard spouses living in Coast Guard-owned family housing to open a child care business in their home.  All spouses would need to complete a background check and meet CG certification requirements, which are more stringent than state certifications.  Most training and equipment start-up costs would be covered through the Coast Guard and through grants from the CG Foundation.

For more information about this program, contact your current or future Family Resource Specialist or Child Development Service Specialist and visit the FCC website at: www.dcms.uscg.mil/worklife/child-care/family-child-care-FCC/.  The next update to the Coast Guard Housing Manual, COMDTINST M11101.13G, will include a provision for members to request assignment to Coast Guard-owned family housing that exceeds their actual bedroom qualification by one bedroom to participate in the FCC Program.  These changes are effective immediately per ACN XX-19 and will be reflected in the next revision of the Housing Manual.