Feature | April 17, 2019

CG expands surge staffing to support parental leave

To support our Coast Guard families and their decision to grow, whether through pregnancy or adoption, a centrally funded pilot program to backfill gaps due to members on parental leave has been created!  The RAND Women’s Retention Study and Holistic Analysis found that members weigh their decision to become parents against unit and mission needs. The ability to seek backfills has always existed, but now units can request support without absorbing the large cost.

Commands may contact the Personnel Service Center (PSC) Surge Staffing Section, through existing channels, to request augmentation for members who are using non-chargeable parental leave exceeding 41 consecutive days. Developed by CG-13, PSC and the Personnel Readiness Task Force, the program’s goal is to support members, ensure workforce readiness, and to evaluate long-term implementation.

More detail:

The service is piloting an expanded Surge Staffing program to provide units relief and better support our members when weighing the decision to grow their family against professional and mission demands.

Units requesting this support will not bear any cost. The initiative was developed in response to the RAND Women’s Retention Study and Holistic Analysis, which identified concerns associated with women being away from their unit in the time leading up to and during parental leave. 

The Office of Reserve and Military Personnel (CG-13), the Personnel Service Center (PSC) and the Personnel Readiness Task Force (PRTF) are expanding the Request for Forces (RFF) capability to provide short-term augmentation to units with members on non-chargeable leave associated with the birth or adoption of a child. The program will be managed through PSC’s Surge Staffing Section.  Positions will be filled on a voluntary basis by reservists on Active Duty Operational Support (ADOS) orders. 

The Surge Staffing Section is best known for staffing critical fills for a variety of life events and surge/contingency operations.  The ability to request a backfill for sustained personnel gaps has always been available, but the associated cost was very high.  With a centrally funded program, specific to parental leave, the unit will no longer be restricted by funding limitations.

All members, both female and male, who are on leave for 41 or more consecutive days due to the birth or adoption of a child, are eligible for surge staffing.  Surge staffing will only be possible for billets that can be backfilled by reservists.

Units can be covered anywhere from 42 days to 120 days.

Units are encouraged to provide by-name reserve candidates for the process.

RFFs should be sent via email to HQS-SMB-PSC-Maternity@uscg.mil no later than 12 weeks prior to the birth or adoption event.

Contact: CDR Keedah Ray, (202) 795-6424, HQS-SMB-PSC-Maternity@uscg.mil