Feature | April 11, 2019

Child Care Subsidy Program changing to new provider

Parents using the Child Care Subsidy Program need to be aware of a recent change.

The Coast Guard switched subsidy providers effective April 1, going from USDA to a new program under Navy Child & Youth Programs (CYP).

The goal is a seamless transition. USDA will submit two future payments to all subsidy providers, to cover services rendered in April and May, to ensure there are no payment gaps during the transition. We anticipate Navy CYP will be up and running by June.

Members who currently receive child care subsidies, and those who plan to enroll, will need to follow the following actions:.

  1. Remind your child care provider to submit March invoices to USDA by 12 April 2019. Invoices submitted after that date will not be paid.
  2. When we send you the new application paperwork, submit it as quickly as possible. We don’t want you to face a gap in subsidy payments.
  1. Check with your child care provider to be sure they received our notification about the change, and required paperwork. Make sure they submit all documents on time.

We will continue to share updates throughout the transition. Navy CYP will reach out to all providers and members once their new program is fully set up.

For more information: Contact Ms. LaMisha Epes at LaMisha.DM.Epes@uscg.mil.