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Coast Guard Promulgated Strategies


Coast Guard Strategic Plan 2018-2022
Today's strategic environment requires a Ready, Relevant, and Responsive Coast Guard that can address the Nation’s most complex maritime challenges across our full spectrum of operations.
The Coast Guard Strategic Plan 2018-2022 builds upon the Guiding Principles and identifies three strategic priorities:
Maximize Readiness Today and Tomorrow; Address the Nation’s Complex Maritime Challenges; and Deliver Mission Excellence Anytime, Anywhere. To keep pace with the dynamic security environment and the changing character of maritime operations, these priorities reinforce our need to further invest in our readiness while fine-tuning our mission execution and operational support. The Strategic Plan provides greater detail on each priority, along with supporting objectives that will help guide our efforts.


USCG Maritime Commerce Strategic Outlook
U.S. Coast Guard’s Maritime Commerce Strategic Outlook guides Service efforts in securing the strategically critical maritime environment while enabling its impact on the Nation’s economic prosperity. This document establishes three lines of effort that are critical to the success of the U.S. Coast Guard: 1) facilitating lawful trade and travel on secure waterways; 2) modernizing aids to navigation and mariner information systems; and 3) transforming workforce capacity and partnerships to meet the increasingly complex operating environment.

USCG Cyber Strategy
The Coast Guard is committed to ensuring the safety, security, and stewardship of our Nation’s
waters. This commitment requires a comprehensive cyber strategy that provides a clear framework
for our overall mission success.
USCG Human Capital Strategy
The Human Capital Strategy sets a 10-year course to ensure that its functions and processes – including requirements, resource allocation, training, and human resource systems – work together to ensure a thriving and effective workforce prepared for the complexities of tomorrow.


2014 USCG's Western Hemisphere Strategy
The U.S. Coast Guard's vision for operating in the Western Hemisphere is to ensure a Secure Nation, Prosperous Markets, and Thriving Oceans.


2014 USCG Living Marine Resources Ocean Guardian
Ocean Guardian 2014 is a framework consisting of Priorities, Goals, Objectives and Strategies that provide a long standing persistent focus that should not alter over the course of the ten year period of this strategic plan. Continual changes in fiscal and operational resources and evolving DHS and Coast Guard priorities necessitates a living process that establishes procedures and can adjust to remain relevant and focus LMR efforts.


2013 USCG's Arctic Strategy
The U.S. Coast Guard vision for operating in the Arctic Region is to ensure safe, secure, and environmentally responsible maritime activity in the Arctic.


A Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower
To successfully implement this strategy, the Sea Services (U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, and U.S. Marine Corps) must collectively expand the core capabilities of U.S. seapower to achieve a blend of peacetime engagement and major combat operations capabilities. 




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