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About Strategic Analysis

Strategic Analysis

Commandant (DCO-X)

The Commandant's In-House Think Tank

Roles and Services:

  • Identifies and analyzes significant emerging geopolitical, economic, and environmental issues and trends, seek to understand their potential strategic impact on the U.S. Coast Guard, and develop strategies to ensure service relevance and success in complex and uncertain future operating environments. 
  • Leads the Evergreen Process for "continuous strategic renewal" as an integral part of the Service's Enterprise Leadership Architecture to develop and infuse “strategic intent" at all levels of organizational activity. 
  • Identifies and analyzes significant organizational activities, operations, and responses with potential strategic implications and develops specific recommendations to improve the strategic and operational posture of the service. 
  • Acts as a point of connection with the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defense strategic analysis and net assessment functions, representing Coast Guard interests and strategic thinking.
  • Champions advance strategic thinking throughout the Service. Manages Coast Guard Senior Service School and Executive programs.