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In today’s increasingly complex world, it is imperative to identify strategies that will optimally achieve organizational objectives. The Evergreen Program uses an agile, scalable, and repeatable scenario-based planning process to inform leadership and inform strategy. In addition, it also uses human centered design methods to identify Key Success Factors (KSF), which are those functions and activities needed to achieve strategic goals. Identifying


Long View Scenarios:

Balkanized America
Pan American Highway
Pax Americana
Planet Enterprise
Taking on Water

Evergreen I Scenarios:

Code Quebec
Forever War
Fortress Americas
Left Behind
Rising Tide

Evergreen II: July 2008.

Evergreen II Scenarios:

Asian Way
Be Careful
Profits and Principles

Evergreen III: September 2013.

Evergreen III Scenarios:

Bet on the Wrong Horse
Dragon Vs. Tiger
Dude, Where's My Sovereignty?
Quantum Leap
Treading Water

Evergreen IV: September 2015.

Evergreen IV Scenarios:

Death Spiral: Eyes Wide Shut
Status Woe
Thank You Server, May I Have Another?
The New Opportunity

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