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Vision Statement

A strategically agile Coast Guard prepared to meet the demands of a highly dynamic and constantly evolving operating environment.

Mission Statement

Position the Coast Guard to navigate emerging strategic challenges and seize opportunities by:
Building capabilities, mindsets, expertise, and tools for strategic anticipation and risk management;
Developing insights into future trends, discontinuities, and strategic surprises; and
Communicating insights to decision makers for informed policy planning.

Guiding Principles

[Adapted from the philosophy of Mr. David M. Walker,former Comptroller of the United States.]
Courage: We state the facts, speak the truth, and do the right thing, even if it isn't easy or popular.
Integrity: We practice what we preach and lead by example. We understand that the law and professional standards represent the floor of acceptable behavior. We set our sights higher and strive to do what is right.
Creativity: We think outside the box and look for new ways to address old problems. We practice foresight and help others to see the way forward.
Stewardship: We don't just generate positive results today, but strive to leave our Service better positioned for the future.


1. Employ innovative means to translate Evergreen processes and Strategic Needs into actionable initiatives.
2. Develop risk management tools and promote strategic thinking methodologies throughout the Coast Guard.
3. Challenge conformist thinking.
4. Increase awareness of the Evergreen program by:
a. Expanding the knowledge of Evergreen and cultivating foresight networks throughout the Department of Homeland Security, other government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and international partners to promote active exchange of ideas;
b. Developing links with academia to support the development of inter-disciplinary research work in areas like foresight and risk management;
c. Developing a collective instinct for strategic thinking at the whole-of-Coast Guard level.