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Evergreen 101

Introduction to Evergreen. Who we are, and what we do.

Introduction to Evergreen Article. Project Evergreen's Long Range Strategic Planning

The Evergreen Process. How we develop strategic needs: a rigorous and repeatable method.

The Strategy Map. The program's influence on and connection to Coast Guard strategic documents, from Long View through Evergreen IV.

The Workshop Process. Our method for designing and executing Human Centered Design futures workshops.

Vignette Development. How we blend creativity and rigor to produce our alternative future vignettes.


Evergreen Reports

Evergreen IV: Strategic Needs Report.

Evergreen III: Creating and Sustaining Strategic Intent in the U.S. Coast Guard

Evergreen II: U.S. Coast Guard Project Report

Evergreen I: Creating and Sustaining Strategic Intent in the U.S. Coast Guard

Longview: Executive Summary



Recent Projects

DHS Evergreen Arctic Priorities Initiative: Identifying DHS Capability Gaps in the Arctic during the 2030 period.


Autonomous Systems Challenge Report. On January 17, 2017 the U.S. Coast Guard hosted the



Autonomous Systems Challenge on CG_Ideas@Work, the Coast Guard's idea crowdsourcing platform.

The report identifies how the Coast Guard might best used unmanned and autonomous systems in the future.

Autonomous Systems Challenge Report 2017

Coast Guard Cyber Futures Workshop: February 2016. The first in a series of temporally compressed, topically-focused projects. Check back soon for the full report. In the meantime, read the scenarios:

Band of Brothers
Rise of the Geeks

Evergreen Goes to China! February 2016. The team engaged in a professional exchange with the China Maritime Safety Agency in Hangzhou. Our report is forthcoming, and pictures are on the Workshops page. Here are the scenarios, in English and Mandarin:


Alternative Futures in Cyber Security. Promulgated by Vice Commandant Admiral Charles D. Michel, the report outlines the various long-term challenges the Coast Guard must confront in the cyber domain.

USCG Cyber Futures Report



Previous Coast Guard Foresight Work

Futuristic Look at the U.S. Coast Guard in the Year 2020: October 1984.
The Road to 2012: Looking Towards the Next Two Decades: March 1993.
Highly Probable Future in 2025: 1994