Natural Resource Damage Claims Determinations

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Type Claim Number Incident Name Determination Date
Assessment T07001-TX02 Trinity Bay Oil Spill 03/29/2023
N05019-TX02 Highland Bayou Oil Spill 03/29/2023
S99028-OI01 Oregon/Washington Coast Mystery Spill 05/08/2020
Initial J05003-RP04 M/V Selendang Ayu 04/08/2022
Recon J05003-RP04 M/V Selendang Ayu 10/05/2022
088272-OC1 Equinox 06/08/2011
E10527-OI02 Enbridge 04/03/2013
E10527-OI03 Enbridge 04/16/2013
N10036-Al20 Deepwater Horizon 05/23/2014
N10036-OI02 Deepwater Horizon 09/21/2011
N10036-OI03 Deepwater Horizon 12/05/2011
N10036-EP25 Deepwater Horizon 03/18/2015
N10036-EP32 Deepwater Horizon 08/03/2015
N10036-OI04 Deepwater Horizon 03/13/2012
N10036-OC06 Deepwater Horizon 03/27/2011
N10036-OC08 Deepwater Horizon 07/05/2011
N10036-OI09 Deepwater Horizon 05/31/2012
N10036-OI10 Deepwater Horizon 05/29/2012
N10036-OI11 Deepwater Horizon 07/20/2012
N10036-OI19 Deepwater Horizon 05/28/2014
N10036-OI21 Deepwater Horizon 10/17/2014
N10036-OI23 Deepwater Horizon 12/17/2014
N10036-OI24 Deepwater Horizon 07/03/2014
N10036-OI31 Deepwater Horizon 07/31/2015
N10036-OC14 Deepwater Horizon 11/06/2013
N10036-OC15 Deepwater Horizon 01/16/2013
N10036-OC18 Deepwater Horizon 02/03/2014
N10036-OC18 Deepwater Horizon 02/19/2014
N10036-OC18 Deepwater Horizon 03/07/2014
N10036-OC18 Deepwater Horizon 04/17/2014
N10036-OC18 Deepwater Horizon 04/24/2014
N10036-OC27 Deepwater Horizon 04/03/2015
N10036-OC30 Deepwater Horizon 07/23/2015
N14026-OC01 Texas City Y Oil Spill Assessment 12/08/2015
S99028-OI01 Oregon/Washington Coast Mystery Spill 03/24/2016
S99028-OI01 Oregon/Washington Coast Mystery Spill 07/14/2016
Texas-Galveston Bay Texas Trustee Claim, 14 Different Incidents 08/18/2008
Restoration UCGPM23039-OC04

LPV Venezia Mona Island Emergency Restoration

E02414-OI2 Pryor Oil 10/28/2009
G02AAA-OI02 Rogue River 09/03/2019
M06017-OC01 T/V Margara 02/08/2019
M12037-OC02 M/V Jireh 12/18/2012
S99018-OI1 New Carissa 01/24/2007
S99018-OI2 New Carissa 08/26/2009
S12020-WA02 F/V Deep Sea 4/29/2018
Assessment and Restoration J17008-OC02 Tug Powhatan 11/07/2022
N06008 T/B DBL152 02/08/2021
A02005-OI2 SS Luckenbach 01/04/2010
J05003-OI03 M/V Selendang Ayu 11/27/2017
P05005-OC1 Athos I 10/05/2010
J17008-OC02 Tug Powhatan 3/17/2023